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Hockey tournament benefits firefighters

The SPFD is proud of the avid hockey culture and sportsmanship shared amongst St. Paul firefighters. The SPFD Hockey Tournament organizers host an annual tournament as a fundraiser for the Saint Paul Fire Foundation who’s mission is to increase community engagement and promote the betterment of health and wellness initiatives. The organizers hope to make the player experience the most convenient as possible. From the lodging at the double tree Hilton, to the walk over to the rink via the skyway, or the food/drink options offered via Tria Rink at the Pillbox Tavern.

Our mission
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Tournament FAQ

Who can participate / join the tournament?

The tournament is organized around local police, fire and EMS departments. We welcome anyone to reach out and apply to participate!

How do I join the tournament?


  • David Katz



  • 651-792-5659
When is the next tournament?

The next tournament will be in 2024. Subscribe at the bottom of this page to join our mailing list and get updated when we announce the 2024 SPFD Hockey Tournament!

What skill level is the tournament?

Estimating Your Teams Skill Level


B – Teams traditionally made up of Former Collegiate and Junior hockey players that have continued to play following the end there competitive career. This bracket offers a high level of skill, speed and a fast pace game. 

B1 – Teams traditionally made up of Former DIV III or High School Varsity Players who have continued to play hockey over the years. This level offers a good degree of speed and skill and a  good pace of play.

C –  Teams traditionally comprised of Former High School JV/junior gold players or who have continued to play hockey over the years but have lost a step, or two along the way that may have had injuries/setbacks etc. This bracket offers a decent speed and skill/pace of play.

C2 –  Teams traditionally comprised of Adults who took up playing organized hockey after high school or players who have continued to skate off and on through their life in a non organized setting. This bracket offers a more relaxed speed and various skills levels/pace of play.

When is the tournament party and where?

Last year, there was a party for players and fans on Saturday April 1st starting at 5pm at the Pillbox.
(https://pillboxtav.com) Players were given wristbands at the registration for the party. There
was discounted food, drinks, and donated beer from Schell’s for the players with wrist bands.

Where do I park for Tria Rink?

There is ramp designated for the hotel, and you can park there all weekend as an option. You can walk from the skyway on level two to the treasure island elevators and take that elevator to the Tria Rink level (Level 7).

Two parking ramps are available at the Treasure Island Center for TRIA Rink: Entrance B on 6th Street leads to level 7 with direct rink access (vehicle height limit 6’3″). Entrance C on Wabasha Street is closed. Cedar Street Ramp (Entrance A) is open until 10 PM, limited spots, and leads to Level 5. Discounted parking ($4 for 3 hours) can be pre-purchased at http://tiparking.com using a promo code. Additional parking across Wabasha Street or metered street parking. After 10 PM, park in the Treasure Island Center ramp for rink entry.
Is there alcohol allowed at Tria Rink?

There is NO alcohol allowed in the Tria Rink. We did not take out a liquor license or a clause in
the general liability insurance policy for the event to deal with that. If you want to have a drink,
the Pillbox is open during the entire tournament on the main level of the treasure island center.